Prize - Grand Price
Retail Value: $1,800
Number of Prizes: 1
Odds: Based on number of total entries

You Have Not Yet Won. All entries have the same chance of winning. No one will know who the winner is until after the Sweepstakes ends.

Entry Is Free. No purchase necessary to enter. See instructions on form on how to enter free.

Enter As Often As You Like. Additional entries may be submitted by mailing a postcard with your name and address to: “Win a Sony Vaio Notebook Computer from Vapor Mobile” Wireless Sweepstakes, 3665 East Bay Dr, Suite 204 E, Clearwater, Florida 33771. Each postcard must be mailed separately. It is not necessary to await receipt of an entry form.

Buying Won't Help You Win. Chances of winning without a purchase are the same as the chances of someone who buys something.

Entry Deadline/Sweepstakes Closing Date. To be eligible to win each prize offered in this Sweepstakes, your entry must be received by the applicable Entry Deadline stated in this communication. If there is no Entry Deadline stated, your entry must be received by the Final Sweepstakes Closing Date.